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BALL OUT Grant Opportunity Launched To Advance Access To Soccer

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[February 29th, 2024] – Soccer enthusiasts, hopefuls and advocates for equitable sports access have reason to celebrate with the launch of the BALL OUT grant initiative. By way of a generous $20,000 donation spearheaded by former Colorado Rapids MLS Cup Champion and Jamaican soccer legend, Omar Cummings. In collaboration with Amarikwa Family Foundation and BALL OUT aims to provide much-needed soccer balls to underrepresented soccer programs, and coaches fostering greater access to the sport among youth.


In 2022 over 2.25+ million youth played the sport of soccer. Youth soccer had the largest number of participants of all sports that saw a positive increase in the overall number of participants spanning from 2019-2022. In 2022 alone there was an 8% increase in outdoor youth soccer participation between the ages of 6 -12 years old. 

Recognizing the transformative power of sports in shaping young lives, BALL OUT breaks down barriers to participation and provides equal access to opportunities for all aspiring athletes.

Omar Cummings, renowned for his illustrious career in soccer and his dedication to grassroots development, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, stating,

“I am thrilled to launch the BALL OUT grant in partnership with the Amarikwa Family Foundation and As someone who understands the profound impact of soccer in communities, I believe every child should have access to these necessary resources to pursue their passion for the sport.”

The BALL OUT grant will provide selected soccer programs with essential soccer equipment, enabling them to establish or enhance their soccer programs. $11,000 – $60,000 a year is the range in equipment cost of a youth club and $1,472 a year is the average out of pocket expense for parents.

By removing financial barriers and providing access to top quality soccer balls, this initiative aims to inspire the next generation of soccer players while fostering a sense of camaraderie, discipline, and teamwork among participants in the community.

The partnership between Omar Cummings, Amarikwa Family Foundation, and underscores a shared commitment to empowering communities through sports. The Amarikwa Family Foundation focuses on providing resources and opportunities for youth development, while Perfect Soccer, a leading soccer data, coaching, manufacturing and lifestyle brand, advocates for accessible soccer education and play.

Amarikwa Family Foundation President, Sirena Amarikwa remarked, “We are proud to join forces with Omar Cummings and Perfect Soccer in launching the BALL OUT grant. By investing in the next generation of soccer players and supporting their development, we continue our goal to create positive change and develop future leaders both on and off the field.”

Perfect Soccer CEO, Quincy Amarikwa, added, “At Perfect Soccer, we believe in the power of soccer to transform lives and communities for the better. Through the BALL OUT grant, we plan to equip programs, players and coaches with the soccer balls they need to nurture talent and instill a love and passion for the beautiful game.”

The BALL OUT grant application process opens February 29th, 2024 and interested soccer programs and participants are encouraged to apply through the official BALL OUT website portal here:

Online BALL OUT Grant Application Page

With the launch of the BALL OUT grant, Omar Cummings, Amarikwa Family Foundation, and continue in their commitment to advancing soccer accessibility to communities across the globe.

For media inquiries, further information about the grant, how to donate or get involved, please submit your request or feedback to:


BALL OUT is a grant initiative launched alongside former Colorado Rapids, MLS Cup Champion and Jamaican soccer legend, Omar Cummings in collaboration with the Amarikwa Family Foundation and The initiative provides soccer balls to underrepresented soccer programs and coaches promoting access to the sport and fostering youth development.

About Omar Cummings:

FC Cincinnati Community Coordinator Omar Cummings is a former Colorado Rapids, MLS Cup Champion and Jamaican soccer legend known for his remarkable career as a professional soccer player and just being a great human. With a passion for grassroots development, Cummings strives to create opportunities for aspiring athletes and the promotion of soccer accessibility worldwide.

About Amarikwa Family Foundation:

At the heart of the Amarikwa Family Foundation is a commitment to utilize the power of sport to enhance the wellbeing of humanity. We achieve this through strategic engagement in three core pillars; Access To Sport, Environment and Education. 

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About Perfect Soccer:

The #1 platform to talk to, learn from and work with pro soccer players and coaches. Perfect Soccer is a data platform that has utilized the feedback it has received from its community, customers and followers over 10+ years to refine and enhance its manufacturing and distribution of premium soccer equipment, custom uniforms, online education, mentorship, books and training programs. Perfect Soccer is dedicated to providing players, parents and coaches of all levels with top-quality products and services designed to enhance your performance on and off the field. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Perfect Soccer continues to be a trusted brand among soccer experts, enthusiasts and soccer first timers worldwide. Currently there are over 1000+ pro soccer players within the Perfect Soccer and Be PRO by Perfect Soccer networks. Innovative and influential shows like #QuincyTime, the Life Of A Pro Vlog, #AskASoccerPro Show and The Perfect Soccer Podcast, along with a full suite of additional shows recorded and fully produced in-house by Perfect Soccer, showcases our team’s forward thinking approach and ability to have fun while setting the standard for what it looks like to pursue your passion.

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